Board Matching

Connects qualified candidates to not-for-profit organizations and public agencies, boards and commissions.

Truly inclusive boards include directors from all constituents. onBoard Canada promotes full inclusion, working with individuals and organizations to create effective boards and reap the benefits inclusion provides. Board matching connections are made through a searchable database that matches qualified individuals with board opportunities.

Important Notice

Please note that onBoard Canada’s learning management system is currently under construction during a transition period from October 31, 2019 - Winter 2020, inclusively, while we transition to a new e-learning platform. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for updates on the new release of the online courses. Thank you!

We continue to seek potential partner organizations to adopt the board-matching program, and we are planning to host future onBoard Canada networking events. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list for updates on these developments. Thank you!

Board Matching

  • User-friendly online portal, My onBoard
  • Available board positions from across the not-for-profit and public sectors
  • Qualified and trained individuals 
  • A great tool for both emerging and experienced board directors
  • Enrollment is ongoing, register anytime, from select cities


Board Appointments





Are you looking to join the board of a public or not-for-profit organization?

Join the onBoard Canada Training and Matching program to get trained in governance and matched to board positions. (Available in select cities)

Are you a public or not-for-profit organization with board vacancies?

By joining onBoard Canada, you can advertise your vacancy as well as browse through a roster of qualified individuals ready to make a contribution on your board. (Available in select cities)

Are you looking for high-quality online governance training?

onBoard Canada's Governance Training is designed to give you the tools you need to become a more effective board member today.